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Opening an account with valid and real documents.

With an account, transfer money easily from anywhere to any bank.

For those who do not have the ability to create an account.

For those who want to pay less tax.

For those who have problems creating an account.

For those who want to be hidden from the government.

For those who need an incognito account.
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Account Focused Products!

Wise account opening with valid & genuine documents


/ unlimited
Full verification of Payoneer account with valid and real documents


/ unlimited
Opening a verified account (complete verification + delivery of documents) Skrill


/ unlimited
Opening an account and purchasing a verified Neteller account with valid and real documents


/ unlimited
Authentication of PaxFul exchange complete verification with valid and real documents


/ unlimited
Opening a PayPal account with valid and real documents(USA)


/ 2 Year
Authentication of the Kraken exchange, full verification with valid and real documents


/ unlimited
AscendEX exchange authentication, complete verification


/ unlimited
Opening a PayPal account with valid and real documents(Europe)


/ 2 Year
Authentication of the BINANCE exchange, full verification with valid and real documents


/ unlimited
Opening an account and complete verification of Wallet with valid and real documents


/ unlimited
Authentication of BitGet exchange, full verification with valid and real documents


/ 2 Year
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GoldBankGold.Org is Professional, Trusted, Free Information.

The use of Iranian or Russian identity or… questions the authenticity and validity of the documents and the risk of getting into trouble increases because the capital and property of you, the customers, are at risk. However, our team is trying to find a way for those customers who are worried about being different, that they can authenticate with their own name and with the least risk.

The reason for the high price is the quality of our work and documents. Our website can claim that the documents created by us can be used on all exchanges and sites unless an exception occurs. In addition, documents with real specifications that can be checked in private portals and interfaces rarely have any subsequent problems, and those who verify with real documents will not have any problems in withdrawing and transferring money or depositing and receiving money, and there is no limit for them.

The authentication process in all exchanges is such that after sending the documents, the site checks the invoices and specifications in different ways. And the problem with fake and fake documents, which sometimes cause the account to be blocked on the spot during verification or later, is the lack of a national number or the fact that the information on the card does not match with the back of the card.
But the store is proud to have created a new and safe way for our dear customers in bypassing and authenticating their identity, and by providing real documents with correct and accurate information to the exchanges and reputable sites, we have dispelled the illusion of our dear customers. And we have made the next problems easier.

To make real documents, you only need to send a quality personal photo to support. Our colleagues will make the documents as soon as possible and send them to you so that you can easily go through the authentication process, including sending the documents and opening the camera for face recognition, with your own image.

By default, we use Swiss documents because the documents of this country are highly valuable and effective due to the security and preservation of Swiss people’s information. And from any country you want, you can prepare an account with the documents of that country by talking to the support and inquiring about the balance of the documents of the country of origin.

Yes and definitely, the IP of Iran or Russia or … is blocked on most of these exchanges and brokers, and the best thing is to use a virtual server or a fixed IP so that you don’t get into trouble. Valid filtering services such as Noord and Windascribe are also suitable for use. It is better not to use free and non-authentic VPNs because the IP status is important and it should not be found in the blacklist. For more information in this regard, send a message to support.

Every site and exchange does not necessarily need a number and a SIM card. But our website offers a virtual SIM card for England, America and Canada for one year, which you can prepare and use for your affairs when necessary.

GOLDBANKGOLD.ORG is only the guarantor of the documents and the functioning of the account, and after the delivery, all the responsibility for maintaining and maintaining authenticated accounts is the responsibility of the user, and the user must know all the information and items necessary to use the account before buying and receiving, and GOLDBANKGOLD.ORG It has no responsibility for your profit or loss in using these accounts. But this does not mean abandoning the customer after the purchase, and whenever there is a problem with the account, the GOLDBANKGOLD.ORG is ready to help our dear customers.

When you buy a product from us, the product will be delivered to you at the earliest opportunity within 24 hours.
In special circumstances, the desired account will be delivered to you within 48 hours to a week after the order, after notifying the customer.

All customers can pay for the order online through the bank portal with all cards or digital currency or…

Account purchase conditions

Order registration can only be done via WhatsApp number +98 936 954 2313. has made it possible for you, dear users, to buy various verified accounts at a great price and guarantee.

Account delivery is 72-24 hours after order registration.

Before entering the account, you must clear the cache and cookies of your browser.

The user must enter his information correctly during the purchase. (The buyer is fully responsible for this) is only the provider of the account. All responsibilities related to not complying with the technical principles of account purchase and relevant site policies (including those related to embargo, etc.) that lead to the account being inactive and restricted are entirely the responsibility of the buyer.

After purchasing an account, it is not possible to change the service and type of account, and it is also not possible to cancel the purchase in any way, so pay attention to these things when purchasing.


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