How is the execution procedure?

Each trade program has its own method,
But in general, if the fund is in cash, the cash will not be transferred from the investor’s account in any way.
In most programs, cash is blocked in the applicant’s account and blocking is notified to the platform bank by Swift MT760, however, before blocking the capital, the platform bank provides the necessary guarantee to the investor to pay interest.
In some programs, even the fund is not blocked and only the investor undertakes to keep the amount of capital in his account and the account balance is checked daily by the platform and in case of transfer of the fund, the trading contract will be terminated.

If the investor brings bank instruments, in some programs this bank instruments will be blocked in his account and the blocking will be announced to the platform bank by Swift MT760 or MT542, and
In some other programs, the bank document is transmitted to the platform bank by Swift MT760, and at the end of the trading period, this document is returned to the investor bank.

If brought by Pallet Investor and kept in Security House, SKR Pallet must be provided by a partner bank.
(Corresponding Bank)
Security House, broadcast by Swift MT760

In all the above cases, the investor’s cash and non-cash capital will be returned to him exactly at the end of the trading period.