How we can start the business?

Please Answer this 9 Question & send for Consultant.

Consultant will send for you loi-Sample & ATV Letter Sample.

1.What is the Total amount that buyer want Buy?

2.What is the amount for start?(First tranche)

3.Where is the buyer?Which Country? CIF which County?

4.Which Payment Guarantee Buyer can accept?




5.What is the Name of Buyer Company?

6.What is the Name of Buyer Bank?

7.Can Buyer undersatnd the Procedure?

If  No.

Please inform consultant.

Consultant will explain.

8.Can Buyer Accept the procedure?

9.When you are ready for sending loi?

(Note: Question Number 2,4,8 is Ulta Importance, If you can’t answer all Question, No Problem, Please Answer Question Number 2,4,8.)

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