What is the Purchase price for quantity more than 10MT in each part?

The Discount For order quantity more than 10 MT in each part is Gross: Minus Eighteen Percent (-18%) Net: Minus Fifteen (-15%), LBMA London Price

based DDP or CIF ASWP Airport or End Buyer’s gold refinery, [Country – Optional] per Kilogram based on Second Price Fixing at the LBMA on the prior day of execution for Good Delivery Bars with a minimum grade of 99.95% AU. In the event LBMA is not operating on that scheduled day, the price calculation shall be used based on the 2nd LBMA fixing of the Market opening day. Inclusive of Malca-Amit or Brink’s Security Insurance.

(The payment guarantee must cover 10,000 kg for the first shipment in order to obtain this price range. All bank-to-bank SWIFTs must be fully RMA established, authenticated and confirmed through the SWIFT headquarters in Brussels, Belgium and the internal department of the bank. Any intervention with SWIFT, offline SWIFT, dummy SWIFT, SWIFT misrepresentation or counterfeiting of SWIFT will be reported).

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