Purchase Gold

Purchase Amount Every Month: 100KG - 20MT

Discount: 25% – 30%

Purity: 96% - 99%

Price: $40,000 – $42000

Payment Guarantee: LC (MT700), SBLC or BG (MT760)



Gold Refinery (UAE)

Regarding the purchase of gold, our buyer is a gold refinery in the United Arab Emirates and we have a direct relationship with the buyer.
In fact, we are responsible for checking the offers of all sellers, even those who are direct customers of the refinery, before setting up the contract.
Therefore, dear colleagues who trust us, do not worry that their rights will be violated, of course, on the condition that we know the name and details of your seller in advance.
We are ready to conclude a contract from 100 kilos per month to 20 tons per month.
We only buy non-hallmark gold from Africa.
Under no circumstances will the refinery pay in advance as exit tax, license fee, etc.  It does not give what the Africans demand.
The purchase is done by delivery at the destination (CIF or DDP) and according to Incoterms rules, the seller is responsible for paying all the costs up to the destination.
The purchase guarantee is LC MT700, SBLC MT760, bank guarantee MT760.
Purchase method:
 1- Signing the contract
 2- Issuance of SWIFT declaration of readiness for purchase by the buyer’s bank indicating the readiness to issue a guarantee
 3- Issuance of two percent guarantee of good performance of the PBG SWIFT MT760 contract by the seller’s bank
 4- Issuance of LC MT700 or SBLC MT760 or BG MT760 payment guarantee to the seller’s beneficiary by the buyer’s bank
 5- Transporting gold to the destination and inspecting the goods by the refinery
 6- Paying for the goods after the FINAL ASSAY inspection.

- Eng. Khababzi


If speaking is silver, then listening is gold!

If you are directly with the seller or your are the seller, please cooperate with us.

Gold Refinery


Eng. Khabbazi

Colleague of Refinery Manager

Regarding the purchase of gold for the refinery, we have considered two different purchase methods, The first method; First, the buyer’s bank RWA SWIFT MT 199 stating that it is ready to buy gold subsequently, the seller’s bank must notify the buyer’s bank of two percent of the good performance of the contract by issuing PB SWIFT MT760, and subsequently, the buyer’s bank issues the necessary LC/BG/SBLC guarantee.


Some sellers are not willing to issue PB SWIFT MT760 first, so we suggest another method to them.

The Second Method:

First, the seller’s bank should issue the RWA SWIFT MT199 regarding the readiness to issue the PB SWIFT MT760. Subsequently, the buyer’s bank issues an inactive LC/SBLC/BG, then the seller’s bank issues a PB SWIFT MT760 and the LC/BG/SBLC is automatically activated.



We don't allow middleman use our colatteral to purchse Gold by our SBLC/BG and re-Sell it to us or discount our SBLC in market. We like to work with Gold owners and we issue SBLC only as Payment Guarantee.