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Gold is a valuable commodity for any Government. Gold is the backbone of valuable currencies. Gold in Bullion is the best way to hold gold by Governments, Banks, Traders and Central Banks. It is difficult to find gold sellers who sell large quantities of gold. In this article, we will briefly review 3 gold sellers and their working methods provided by

First Seller:

Thai Seller, this seller is a Thai seller who has gold in different countries (Thailand, Thailand / Canada / Switzerland / USA / Australia / Hong Kong /Singapore/United Kingdom) that works only in CIF and trades only with guarantee payment method(LC, SBLC, Block Fund).  The buyer must buy more than 500 kg and the seller gives a good discount because the gold has expired, ie it is more than 5 years old.  Read more

Second Seller:

Gold Refinery, this seller is a gold refinery and works as CIF and FOB.  The Gold Refinery is located in the UAE.  The seller can offer gold in high tonnage. Gold is fresh gold and the buyer must order from the refinery to melt the gold for the buyer and deliver.  The buyer must buy more than 3 tons. The Best Opportunity for Banks and Central Banks to increase their gold reserves and increase  power‘s National currencies of buyer countries.  Read More

Third Seller:

Afri Seller, This seller offers gold from African countries, which is only in fob. It has excellent discount and fresh gold. Part of the payment is made in the country of the seller and part of the payment is made in the country of the buyer. The buyer must buy more than 10 kilos of gold. Read More

Each gold seller has his own way of working and does not change his own way of working, and each buyer must be careful with which seller he works with and which seller, Buyer can accept.  About half of the world’s gold is held by governments as bullion. Gold has always retained its value.

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